The primary trade activity of our company is wholesale and retail trade of petroleum and petroleum products, distribution of oil and bitumen.

Owing to above all the work directed towards the customer, that is, the quality of goods, as well as the superior service, our company today deals with major distributors of oil and petroleum products in the Federation of BiH.

Following the European trends, we note that in our work we use the most up-to-date information systems. In our business there is a complete electronic monitoring of transport and trade in petroleum products, which gives its business partners and customers safety in the precision of quantity and quality of delivered petroleum products. Every customer, who wants, we are able to provide our own consumption control via an electronic card for discharging petroleum products at our petrol stations. We also emphasize that, despite the fact that all types of petroleum products are imported from the EU and have the same quality as in other European countries, we are constantly monitoring the quality of petroleum products through authorized and certified laboratories for quality control.

We especially want to point out that our company is a member of the federal association of oil and petroleum products distributors.

In addition to retail sale of petrol pumps, many of the legal entities and individuals, as well as public institutions in the Federation of BiH, are supplied with petroleum products. For companies and larger customers, we have prepared favorable sales conditions for all types of derivatives (diesel, gasoline, fuel oil extra light, oil and bitumen) with the possibility of transporting them.

Oil - LUEL - We sell and distribute oil wells (LUEL EURO) to citizens throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. In larger quantities, we grant certain discounts and also make free transportation to the home address.


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