Gas stations

We have five petrol stations, two in Zenica, two in Zavidovići and one in Sarajevo, two terminals of oil derivatives in Zenica and Sarajevo, as well as oil storage.

BP Zenica 1

Vrandučka bb
+387 32 446 040
Almy Market, Coffe2Go, exchange office, quick service, vulcanizer, store of parts and equipment, Free WiFi, LPG, AdBlue.

BP Zenica 2

Ričice bb
+387 32 446 320
Almy Market, Almy Caffe, Coffe2Go, quick service, vulcanizer, store of parts and equipment, Free WiFi, LPG, AdBlue.

BP Sarajevo

Bojnička 62, Ilidža
+387 33 466 433
Almy Market, Coffe2Go, exchange office, store of parts and equipment, Free WiFi

BP Zavidovići 1

Dr. Pinkasa Bandta bb
+387 32 868 630
Almy Market, Coffe2Go, store of parts and equipment, Free WiFi, LPG

BP Zavidovići 2

Radnička bb
+387 32 878 530
Almy Market, Coffe2Go, store of parts and equipment, Free WiFi, LPG

Petroleum products - At our petrol stations, you can only pour the highest quality Eco-friendly fuels of superior performance. You can also pour high quality LPG - auto gas 100% PROPANE!

Oil Oil - LUEL - We sell and distribute fuel oil (LUEL EURO) to citizens throughout BiH. For larger quantities, we also make free transportation and we grant certain discounts.

AdBlue - With the highest quality petrol fuel pump Almy, you can also order the highest quality AdBlue, which has the necessary certificates and certificates. AdBlue is a new product whose use requires the latest models of freight trucks and buses in Europe. It significantly reduces the amount of harmful substances in the exhaust gases. The vehicle is in a separate tank (tank) next to the diesel fuel tank. It is not added to the fuel nor mixed with it. AdBlue is a patented and protected brand of the German Automobile Industry Association (VDA).

Almy Marketi - For everyone who wants to “buy” a snack, refreshing a drink, ice cream, cigarettes or something for personal hygiene. We also offer spare parts for your pet, tires, bulbs, towels, all kinds of liquids, filters, oils and lubricants and more. Our markets are available to you 0-24h and you can rely on us. Come and buy everything you need for a more comfortable and fun trip

Almy Caffe - Modern cafes operate in our gas stations, where you can relax and refresh yourself with a variety of beverages, ice cream or our unique “coffee2go” - coffee for ponies. Do not miss to try our delicatessen sandwiches!

Coffee2Go - “Coffee for ponies - coffe2go” We are waiting for you at our gas stations. For all our customers who want quality coffee, and at the same time do not want to lose their precious time, we offer all kinds of coffee for ponies.

Tire shops are an integral part of our offer. All services are free for our customers and we are writing to you to come to the free review of your vehicle “by the way”. We offer a wide range of tires for various manufacturers, for passenger, commercial and commercial vehicles. We are sure that we can help you choose the best tires for your vehicle.

Self-service car wash - A modern self-service car wash located next to BP Almy Zenica 2, with 3 washing boxes and working hours from 0-24h.

Exchange offices - With our gas stations and in cooperation with ASA Bank d.d. Sarajevo also operates Exchange offices that are at your disposal 0 / 24h.

Motel & Restaurant - Directly next to BP Almy Zenica 1 is a modern equipped Motel *** and Restaurant Almy which is an ideal place for your break. The Motel has two restaurants and a spacious summer garden that resembles the Old Bosnian avenue. The restaurants serve traditional Bosnian dishes, dishes from a baker’s oven such as pizzas and kalcones, barbecue and barbecue dishes as well as a variety of modern European cuisine. Especially from the offer of our famous pizzas, pancakes and freshly squeezed natural juices.

More detailed information on our motel can be found on the link.


Almir Begić BA

Direktor sektora

+387 32 446 320

+387 32 446 321

Elvedin Begić

Rukovodilac veleprodaje

+387 32 446 320

+387 32 446 321

+387 61 152 872

Hadis Hinović

Rukovodilac maloprodaje

+387 32 446 320

+387 32 446 321

+387 60 3196 500