Officially, the first ISOMAX partner is the company Almy d.o.o Zenica!

Hifa Oil, as the most important private distributor of petroleum products not only in BiH but also beyond, in December last year launched its new brand of additively fuel called ISOMAX. In this regard, the first partnership with the gas stations of Almy d.o.o. was officially established where you can find ISOMAX fuel (diesel and petrol) as from today.

ISOMAX additive fuel from Hifa Oil was created in cooperation with the French oil company Total - the fourth largest oil producer in the world. The fuel is developed so that its usage achieves the ideal ratio of power and consumption and therefore prolongs the life cycle of the engine even in extreme conditions, such as extreme cold.

Some of the advantages of Isomax fuel are:


  1. Keeps the fuel supply system clean and effectively prevents the formation of deposits on the carburetor, injectors, valves and intake manifolds, including direct-injection engines.
  2. Removes existing deposits (clean-up effect> 40%).
  3. Improves driving characteristics (easier start and idling quietly, less uneven operation and acceleration problems).
  4. Protects the fuel supply system from corrosion.
  5. Provides electrical conductivity of gasoline (no electrostatic discharge during transport)
  6. Prevents valve sticking.
  7. Extends engine life life.
  8. Reduces vehicle maintenance costs.


  1. Keeps injection nozzles clean and removes existing deposits (‘clean-up’ effect), retains original design and fuel spray efficiency in the combustion chamber
  2. Prevents the formation of internal deposits in diesel injectors (IDID, "lacquering").
  3. Protects the fuel system from corrosion.
  4. Increases the oxidative stability of biodiesel and improves filterability.
  5. Significantly reduces the tendency to foam diesel fuel.
  6. Maintains water / fuel separation ability.
  7. Extends engine life, improves vehicle driving characteristics and reduces vehicle maintenance costs.
  8. Prevents increased fuel consumption over time and harmful emissions


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