Since 2013 Almy has been a direct importer of TRIANGLE tires, one of the leading tire manufacturers in China. We offer quality Triangle tires at very reasonable prices for which we give a 12 month warranty and free assembly in our service in Zenica. We offer passenger and freight tires of the world’s best-known brands at the best prices with the possibility of on-site installation. We successfully cover all segments of the market: from the most favorable to the most demanding offer of high quality.

The tire store is located at two locations, a central wholesale warehouse at Sarajevska bb and a retail store at Vrandučka bb, the Business Zone Pecuj in Zenica, which is also a vulcanization service. We have an excellent developed network of delivery in all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and with our supplies we ensure high availability.

We are able to supply you with the tires according to your needs.

Retail facilities are located in Zenica, at Vrandučka bb, Business Zone Pecuj, and Zavidovići Street. Pinkasa Bandta bb.

In the vulcanization service located next to the car parts store in Zenica, we make free replacement and assembly of passenger and freight tires purchased in our sales facilities.

Please note that part of the goods from the car industry can also be found at our gas stations in Zenica, Sarajevo and Zavidovići.

All the Triangle tires, besides wholesale, can be found in our retail facilities in Zenica and Zavidovići.

In addition to the tires mentioned above in our wholesale as well as in our retail stores in Zenica and Zavidovići, you can also find tires: MICHELIN, BRIDGESTONE, DUNLOP, GOODYEAR, PIRELLI, SAVA, TIGAR, KELLY, STARMAXX etc.


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+387 32 424 074

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+387 32 456 841

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