We have gained significant success and reputation among our customers with the sale of Bosch, Topla and Magneti Marelli batteries and in our authorized battery service we also service them.

Our highly qualified technicians offer a complete overview of the battery that includes battery control, the choice of a new battery, the installation of a new and ecologically removing old or worn battery. In addition to caring for your car, we want to give our contribution to protecting the environment.

If you need a new battery, please visit our spare parts store or gas station in Zenica, Sarajevo and Zavidovići.

BOSCH has been producing batteries since 1927, when the electric motors started for the first time. From this period, the requirements of the battery have been greatly increased with the introduction of functions such as electric lifts, air conditioners, ABS and airbags. With enormous experience Bosch has kept a step in the development of automotive electrical systems and now provides a range of batteries that meet the high demands of modern vehicles. The Bosch battery program offers a comprehensive market coverage within a compact program. Three levels of performance are available, each color provides a simple selection of the right battery.

TOPLA offers a comprehensive range of premium batteries and for each vehicle a suitable battery. It is a top manufacturer of formed starter batteries for cars.

To remain so in the future, clear goals are set: to improve the best. In addition to the state-of-the-art development and production facilities, Topla invests in innovative technology drives in optimizing design and product quality.

Magneti Marelli is a proven Italian battery manufacturer. It is mostly represented in the Italian auto industry as the first installation.


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