Wooden joinery

Within the production sector, the production of wooden facade and interior joinery, as well as the production of laminated furniture, is taking place at Vranduk-Lipice, about 16 km away from Zenica and in the immediate vicinity of the M-17 road. The existing building has a total area of ​​1,300 m2 and has all necessary infrastructure for uninterrupted development of the technological process.

The process involves the production of wooden joinery: wooden, veneer and entrance doors, windows, balcony doors and panel furniture. The current machine layout is grouped and adapted to the production of certain groups of products. On the ground floor of the facility are installed machines for the production of room and entrance doors, windows and balcony doors, while on the floor of the facility there are installed equipment for the production of laminated furniture. Within the facility there is a warehouse of raw material necessary for production.

At present, a dozen workers are engaged in the production of joinery and panel furniture, including a work unit for cutting and milling boardboards. The monthly production capacity is about 150 room doors and about 50 windows and balcony doors. Flat furniture is now on order.

The investment program for the production of joinery envisages the expansion of the assortment of production and the increase of the production capacity through the purchase of modern CNC machines for serial production, which will enable the introduction of new, more complex products in the production process.

Special attention is paid to the quality of products, especially through the use of appropriate raw materials, procurement control, technological process control and control of finished products.