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About us

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The company Almy d.o.o. was founded in 1989 as the private company owned by the family Begić. Within the past quarter of a century we have run a successful business in Bosnia and Herzegovina thus being a synonym for the business success.

The logo of our company has a dominant sign – the layers of brick with the roof illustrating that our experts and employees build, create and enrich each single day with new values.

The independent business activity of the family Begić began in 1970-ies when Mr Ismet Begić entered the business as the self-employed carrier which, in those days, used to be a very risky activity. Owing to changes in the structure of administration at that time he managed to found the company for production, transportation and sales named Almy. In the beginning, the company employed only fifteen people and disposed of several trucks and a small facility for production of decorative concrete.

A clear vision of management, dedication and professionalism of the employees contributed the company Almy to become a Bosnia and Herzegovina leader in production of concrete and decorative concrete. We are the owners of the concrete production facilities in Sarajevo, Zenica and Zavidovići, and they are equipped with the most modern technology in accordance with the European standards. In addition to production, the company also deals with commerce, transportation of merchandise and catering business. Commercial activities include the whole sale and retail trade in the field of oil products, lubricants and tires as well as the whole sale and retail trade in construction materials and similar products.

Today the company Almy employs over 300 people majority of whom are young and highly qualified staff. Significant amounts of assets have been invested into the infrastructure and thus the company Almy owns some ten business buildings with over 50.000 m2 of the closed premises and approximately 20.000 m2 of the warehouse space, three construction material trade centres and three warehouses for construction materials, four PETROL STATIONS and the motel, four concrete bases and the largest plant for concrete decorative concrete goods in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The machinery of our company includes around 150 trucks for transportation of various freights and twenty five smaller commercial vehicles.

In addition, we have successfully built the new plant for powder material production, paints and facade paints branded BAUMY.

The company Almy differs from other companies because it has a great number of business partners who have recognized this company as a reliable and responsible business partners. Among others these are SHELL, ALPET, PIRELLI, PETROL, CEMEX, KRAUSE, LUX, MAKITA, IGM, 3E, BOSCH, VARTA, RIGIPS, KRONO, VALDOM, FRAGMAT, AKFIX and many others.

Nevertheless, our major value is the highly educated and highly-motivated team of employees who are the driving force of our company and to whom the trust and satisfaction of our customers is always the top priority. To maintain the leading position in the market and preserve the trust of our customers, in March 2004 we successfully implemented the European Quality management systems according to the standard ISO 9001:2000 and in 2008 the system was recertified according to the standard ISO 9001:2008. In this way the satisfaction of our customers became the focus of the company business activities and it includes:

  1. Constant increase of production and trade
  2. The ever-increasing customer satisfaction
  3. Retaining the leading position in the market

Our company has been awarded with QUDAL – Quality the golden medal for production of concrete and decorative concrete.

DIGITAL QUALITY CERTIFICAT – QUDAL. QUDAL – QUality meDAL Construction researches (http://qudal.com) by the Swiss company ICERTIAS (http://icertias.com) measures only experience, perception and opinion of the customers about the bidders offering only the top quality. QUDAL – QUality meDAL is a golden medal awarded only to those products and services having absolutely the top quality according to the opinion of the customers (informants) regardless the price.

An individual is always in the focus of our business philosophy. Our overall activity is dedicated to development of a socially responsible company ready to subject its business activities, its relationship towards the community, environment and our customers and partners to the idea of becoming an example of responsibility, success and best business practices.

Throughout more than three decades of doing business, employing the young, educated people and granting scholarships for pupils and students have been considered to be of utmost importance. We also give our contribution to the local and the broader community by participating in various socially-engaged projects and we also provide sponsorships or donations in the fields of culture, sports or religion.

The business activities and relationship with partners of the company Almy are in compliance with ISO standards which guarantee the quality of products and services. Everything above-stated is the guarantor of your safety and satisfaction in doing business with our company. Therefore we are proud to recommend our company to our future partners and customers with a slogan: „choose the best, choose Almy…